Greek VISA Medicals

Greek VISA Medicals

Travelling abroad? Many destinations and countries require that you have a medical before you are allowed entry to work, live or even for a holiday. Greece

We can perform Medical Examinations for your Visa Application, for a variety of different countries, including:

Greek Visa Medical Includes: Medical examination and certification Our Certificate states that you are free of any diseases and disabilities, which might endanger public health or threaten public policy and security, including: Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Other infectious diseases or contagious parasitic diseases, Drug addiction, Profound mental disturbance; manifest conditions of psychotic disturbance with agitation, delirium, hallucinations or confusion. £150 For Certificate. Extra costs may apply for blood tests £70-£300.


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Please note this list is not exhaustive and Visa Medicals for travel and employment can be performed for other countries. Please Contact Us.

Please be aware, some visa medicals require a chest x-ray, for which we would refer you to another private clinic/hospital.

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