Working at Heights Medical

If you want to work at heights, do you need to get a certificate that says you’re fit for work? Full Safety Critical Medical Exams Can Be Performed Either On-Site or in Our Clinic.

working at heights medical certificate in UK

We provide Safety Critical medicals that come with a certificate of medical fitness and are in accordance with national regulations for working at heights (Health & Safety at Work Act 1974).

Your successful completion of the medical exam confirms that you are up to the necessary level of medical standard to do safety-sensitive work. Employers have a responsibility under health and safety regulations to take reasonable precautions to protect their workers and employees from experiencing injury or illness.

Despite the fact that workers in this nation are required to demonstrate that they are physically capable of working at heights in accordance with the Working at Heights Regulations of 2005, deaths on the job nevertheless often result from falls from heights.

Anyone who falls into one of the following groups is strongly encouraged to get a medical clearance before to working at heights:

  • If your place of employment is above ground or floor level.
  • If there was a possibility that you could fall off a ledge, through an opening, or onto a fragile surface; or, if there was a possibility that you could fall from ground level into an opening in the floor or a hole in the ground.

Our medicals cover all safety-critical roles, and we conduct fitness-for-work evaluations for employees who work in confined spaces, at heights, during night shifts, with display screen equipment, manual labour, employees who have recently given birth or are expecting children, workers with disabilities, and more!

We offer coverage across the entire nation. To schedule an appointment for one of our skilled GMC-registered physicians to perform your annual physical examination, simply call 01282 936900.

The following types of workers are eligible to receive this working at heights medical:

  • Abseilers
  • Tower Crane Operatives
  • Cherry picker drivers
  • Scissor lift controllers
  • Riggers,
  • Miners,
  • rooftop workers
  • Telecom engineers.
  • Construction workers / Scaffolders
  • Work at height operatives



  • ID with a photograph
  • Your prescription and driving glasses/contact lenses
  • Information about any ongoing medical problems
  • Medication that you are currently taking
  • Safety Critical Medical Questionnaire (supplied after booking your appointment)

All safety critical medicals consist of :

  • A Critical Safety Health Questionnaire to determine your Medical History
  • Checking blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and body mass index
  • Test of glucose, blood, and proteins in the urine, as well as a finger prick test for glucose
  • Examen de l’audiométrie (hearing test)
  • Spirometry Test, Also Known as a Respiratory Exam ( Lung Function test)
  • Screening for visual acuity, colour vision, and peripheral vision are all included in the eye exam.
  • An examination of the patient’s mobility, musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and abdominal organs is performed.
  • Screening for psychiatric conditions and assessments of mental health
  • Evaluation by a dermatologist (a skin exam)

The following are examples of additional optional tests:

  • Alcohol and drug Testing
  • Evaluation of Working at Height (Includes Grip Strength and MSK Assessment as well as a Fitness Test (Tecumshe Step Test or Chester Step Test))
  • Assessment of confined spaces, which includes evaluating the dangers posed by extreme temperatures, low oxygen levels, potentially toxic or explosive gases, and leaking water.
  • Night worker assessment (Questionnaire and consultation)
  • Conducting an evaluation of Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVs)

Your responses, medical history, current medicines, and the findings of the examination will all go into the doctor’s report, and he or she will then issue a fitness certificate.

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Please verify your requirements by calling us on 01282 936900.

At our Just Health clinics, our GMC-registered medical professionals conduct this medical evaluation for you.

The following criteria are used to grant a fitness certificate. You will be required to undergo a yearly medical examination if you want the certificate to stay in good standing.

  • Ages 18 to 54 are eligible for a fitness certificate every three years.
  • Ages 55 to 64 qualify for a fitness certificate every two years.
  • You will be eligible to get an annual fitness certificate after you reach the age of 65.


  • When you secure your reservation, you will pay over the phone.
  • Make your reservation using a safe online payment method.

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