Well Woman Health Check £149 + Optional Well Woman Consultation £50 (20mins)

The Just Health Clinic provides a Well Woman health check that examines a wide variety of blood indicators as part of its complete service. We do a screening for a variety of blood indicators in order to uncover any potential health concerns that may be relevant to you. This comprehensive health evaluation is exactly what you need if you want to take responsibility for your own health and be proactive about it.

What do we test for?

Our full blood profile, which includes the following:

    • Full haematology profile
    • Full cholesterol testing
    • Kidney function testing
    • Muscle damage markers
    • Infection & inflammation markers
    • Calcium & potassium levels
    • Sodium level
    • Full iron & ferritin profile
    • Glucose level
    • Vitamin D level
    • Thyroid Function Screen
    • Uric Acid for Gout
          What you can expect?

With each one of our Well Woman check ups we offer an optional Well Woman Consultation (for an exclusive fee of £50) which includes:

    • A physical examination of all body systems
    • Blood pressure check
    • 6-Lead ECG
    • Urinalysis

During your Well woman appointment, you and the clinician will have a conversation about your lifestyle, family history, and medical history, and you will also get a full body physical examination from head to toe.

In addition to it, samples of blood and urine will be collected. Within the next seven working days, you will have access to the complete results. You have the option of receiving a call within the first twenty-four hours to discuss any urgent findings, and the results may also be provided to you through email, in the post, or in person, depending on your desire.

Well Woman Health check in UK

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