Mandatory Day 2 Test from £65

Mandatory Day 2 Test

Listed on Government website/GOV.UK, UKAS accredited private provider

What are the rules if you’re fully vaccinated?

Vaccinated passengers to the UK do not require to take a Mandatory PCR test.

What are the rules if you’re not fully vaccinated?

Non vaccinated travellers and Non UK resident children age over 5 must :

Book, pay for and take a Day 2 Mandatory Test.

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For International Non Vaccinated travellers that enter England you must:

    1. Take a PCR test on or prior to day 2
    2. You must self isolate (quarantine) until you have received your negative result
    3. If your day 2 test is positive you must Quarantine for 10 days. You may be able to be released early from your 10 day isolation if you have no temperature and you test negative from day 6 with two lateral flow tests.

Please note When booking a code indicating the traveller has booked and paid for these tests is required for completion of the online Passenger Locator Form.

Mandatory Test Day 2 (D2)

£65Burnley Clinic
  • Day 2 or before
  • Fully vaccinated travellers Only
  • 1 x Swab PCR TEST
  • Burnley Clinic
  • Simply attend the clinic and let us do the rest.
  • Results Same Day or Next Day


    1. Order your Mandatory Day 2 Test TODAY.
    2. We will process and approve your payment and provide you with a unique Booking Reference number that enables you to register your booking on the government website
    3. Attend appointment (Photo ID needed) and Complete Consent Form
    4. Our Staff will assist with the paper work and ensure the swab is carried out as directed
    5. Your report is emailed to you within 24-36 hours of receival by the laboratory.


For Clinic appointments: Please bring your Passport or Travel documents with you (National ID Card). Please also ensure you follow Government Guidelines. Please wear a Face Mask in the Clinic.

Do not Attend your appointment if you have any symptoms suggestive of COVID 19. This test is only for well persons that are looking to travel or for work purposes. Instead please book a Test via the Government/NHS website.


As per our terms and conditions we aim to get your results back Within 24-36 Hours of receival by the Lab.


If you receive a positive PCR result then you should self-isolate immediately for 10 days (symptomatic patients-14 days asymptomatic patients) , inform those you have been in contact within the last 7 days in case this result effects them. A positive result may result in public health or other medical services contacting you for contact tracing and or to prevent spread of the infection. If you would like further information on what you should do if you receive a positive result, you should visit or contact the NHS on 111.


Please note Just Heath takes no responsibility for any implications or costs that may arise from the outcome of this result. Just Health does not take responsibility for any disruption. However, rest assured we will try our best and work with you to make sure your experience with us is a successful one!

Please note the guidelines for testing to support allowable travel are complex and subject to change. Please review our terms and conditions.

During Out Of Hours For Outstanding Certificates Only please email us or text 07510052410

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