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Occupational Health

We tailor our service to your specific requirements, whatever your needs may be. Our health professionals are highly experienced and have a vast amount of knowledge in the wide ranging field of healthcare.

Due to our wide-ranging occupational health services, we can help you and your business reduce employee sickness rates and promote a much healthier and more productive environment for your staff to work in.

We can accommodate our services to fit around you and your employee’s schedules, by delivering our services on-site at a time that is convenient for you.

Just Health will work in partnership with your business to make sure the important fundamentals, such as the culture, behaviors, and systems in your business, are impacted in a positive and beneficial way, ensuring every employee’s health is looked after to the best of our ability.

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Some of our more popular services…

Medicals for Night Workers

Night workers ought to be given medical checks at regular intervals by their employers, as required in the European Working Time Directive legislation. Just Health has proved themselves to be a pioneer in this area by using health screening questionnaires that enable any staff who flag up as at risk to be referred to either their own general practitioner or to our occupational health team, to then be followed up.

Our assessment for night workers has been carefully crafted by our occupational health team to ensure that they cover all aspects of night working, including issues such as lone working and ensuring that regularly given, time-sensitive medication can be taken at the correct times. All of our questionnaires are screened independently, guaranteeing that employee’s information is kept confidential, and we will refer employees when appropriate. Just Health will keep you informed of any risks that arise and provide all of the needed certificates.

Health Screening

It has been recognized that preventative medicine will have the biggest effect on our health and lives for the foreseeable future. Our health screening service, which is included as part of our occupational health service, is designed to do the following things.

  • Detect potentially life threatening diseases and illnesses at the earliest opportunity
  • Provide education in health which will directly lead to improvements in both the work practices and lifestyle choices of employees
  • Provide baseline results which will be used for referencing in the future

Having a comprehensive health screening service available for your employees will make them feel valued, satisfy your requirements when it comes to your duty of care and most importantly keep your staff happy and healthy. We offer a number of different health screens, ranging from our simple but effective Health Essentials Screen to our more comprehensive Platinum Health Screen. In addition to these health screens, we also offer custom health screens to suit your specific needs that can be carried out at our own clinics or on site at your business premises. All of our screens will provide a comprehensive written report, and where required we can provide both health workshops and road shows for your staff.

Our health screens routinely include the following…

  • Plasma lipid and cholesterol levels
  • Diabetes testing
  • Anaemia and blood dyscrasias testing
  • Cardiac risk assessment and ECGs (both resting and exercise)
  • Testing of lung function
  • Assessment of vision
  • Assessment of hearing (audiometry)

Alcohol and Drug Testing

Industries that carry out sensitive work may need to prove that staff are not taking drugs or alcohol. Included in our occupational health services is the ability to randomly or routinely screen for alcohol and drugs, using chain of custody methods that are widely accepted, as well as provide expert advice in this area. We can also provide an expedited rapid response service when needed. It is essential that you as an employer can deal with employees who appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol quickly and effectively, especially in industries that use heavy machinery or deal with transportation.

Screening of Employees

It’s beneficial to both the business and employees to screen for any potential medical conditions that may have an impact on them carrying out their duties. Your applicants will be sent an email (which Just Health provides) that directs them to our secure website where they can complete a questionnaire. We also provide you with paper questionnaires, along with pre-paid business reply envelopes, for those applicants who do not have access to a computer. This can then be returned to our occupational health team. Once processed, we will follow up with the employee if necessary. We have to abide by pre-agreed time-limits in order to prevent any delays with recruitment, and any information we require will be collected directly from the applicant’s GP. All of your cases will be tracked efficiently and we will also provide management of information.

Referrals to Management

Long term and short term employee sickness can be disruptive and expensive to your business. We often find that GP’s do not do a good job of providing enough information to you as the employer, in order to help you with planning your next steps. We will provide you advice that’s practical and solutions that are realistic, as well as our expert reports. In addition to our extensive experience as an occupational health provider, we have a full team consisting of Physicians, General Practitioners, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists, Occupation Health Advisors and Physiotherapists who fully understand the needs and requirements of your business.

As part of our service we provide recommendations and advice when it comes to reasonable adaptations, risk assessments, return to work schedules, prognoses and the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act). We are very familiar with the ever increasing complexity of employee consent, and excellent management of cases can help mitigate any serious issues with employment.

Specialised Health Screening & Work Related Medicals

Our team of occupational health professionals offer a broad range of industry-specific and specialist tests, including inoculations and vaccinations, testing of the lung function, trace element testing, audiometry, hepatitis and infectious disease vaccinations, and testing of immunity levels.

Through our occupational health service we are proud to offer further tests, including:

  • Hand and Arm vibration assessments (Tier 1 and 2 for vibration white finger and referrals for Tier 3 and 4)
  • COSHH assessment for employees who work with chemicals and substances, such as soldering flux, asbestos, lead and isocyanates
  • Occupational drivers – including LGV/HGV drivers, taxi drivers and fork lift drivers
  • Skin irritants or respiratory sensitizers
  • Functional capacity tests with our Occupational Health Physios
  • Assessments for Night Workers
  • Medicals for employees working at heights
  • Appointed doctor medicals
  • Risk assessments for young people, workers with disabilities, night shift workers, users of display screen equipment, manual handling of loads, and both new and expectant mothers

Assistance for Employees Programme

Our Assistance for Employees Programme gives access to confidential advice and assistance in regards to issues with mental health, financial difficulties and legal issues, to both employees and their family members. These issues can negatively affect your employee’s personal relationships, home life and ultimately have a knock-on effect when it comes to their work life, as attendance and work attitude can be detrimentally affected. Resentment can build up among colleagues and may become a major disruption if an employee is regularly absent due to problems in their personal life.

Private GP Membership Scheme for Employees

Our private GP Membership Scheme lets your employees to access our clinics quickly, confidentially, and best of all at no cost to them. Absences due to sickness can have serious implications for your business, with deadlines being missed and meetings cancelled, which will impact other staff members negatively. Our private GP Membership Scheme has been specifically setup in a way that avoids the delays of simple treatment, which is often the cause of these issues.

There are no issues regarding confidentiality and there are also no delays pending approval thanks to the attendance of these clinics being completely free of charge to your staff. Recruitment and staff retention is also improved due to our clinic membership schemes and it can also provide a boost in morale for staff. Despite the clinics costing a fraction of the costs of private medical insurance (PMI), staff often appreciate the clinics more than private medical insurance. Some businesses only use our occupational health service for specific key roles within the business, while others offer the membership to every employee. Included in the costs of our yearly subscription are the following services:

  • An unlimited number of consultations at Just Health clinics
  • Free referrals to other services
  • Provision of basic medication

We offer fully-equipped medical clinics for our occupational health services and private GPs at our  conveniently located clinic. Which is located on Colne Road, Burnley.

Vaccinations for Travelling

Whether you want to minimise the impact against your business of a potential flu outbreak, or perhaps you have a lot of employees that travel for business, we can draw on our expertise when it comes to keeping your staff protected, through our occupational health services and private GPs.

Flu Vaccinations

Just Health is proud of its status as a long established annual flu jab provider for employees in the workplace. Included in your occupational health programme is a disaster recovery programme that includes planning for pandemics and contingency plans for influenza. Our occupational health service gives you expert advice when it comes to protection from influenza, as well as providing provisions, for example antiviral medications, such as zanamivir (Relenza) and oseltamivir (Tamiflu). We have a lot of expertise when it comes to planning for medical pandemics, including aviation flu (also known as bird flu or H5N1) and swine flu (H1N1).

LGV, HGV and Taxi Medicals

All drivers of large goods vehicles, fork lifts and taxis will require a medical to be completed before application or renewal of your licence. Just Health specialises in these medicals and our specialist team can complete your medical assessment quickly and efficiently.


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