Taxi Driver Medicals Transport for London

Taxi Driver Medicals Transport for London

Our family doctor is qualified to do the medical exams required of taxi drivers in London. On the other hand, decisions on who may carry them out are made by local authorities and not the DVLA. The vast majority of local authorities allow any general practitioner to carry out taxi medicals, however some require that the driver’s own general practitioner be the one to do so.

Please make sure that any general practitioner is able to do your medical examination before scheduling an appointment by obtaining the necessary medical form and checking with your local authority to ensure this.


Because each Local Authority decides which questions and tests are included in the medical exam, our examination will be different depending on which Local Authority we are testing with. However, each individual’s eyes will be examined, and their blood pressure will be measured. Each medical examination is required to adhere to the same standards that a driver must fulfil in order to meet Group 2 Medical Standards. If you go to the website of your local authority and search for ‘Taxi Licensing,’ you will be able to locate your medical form online and have an idea of what is required of you.


In order to complete the medical exam, a doctor may need access to your medical records from your primary care physician’s office; this may involve a formal request to the office.

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