TFL Taxi Driver Medicals

Our family doctor is qualified to provide the TFL taxi driver medicals exam. However, the DVLA does not determine who may do these inspections; instead, it is up to the local authorities. There are certain municipalities that restrict taxi medicals to just the driver’s personal doctor, but the vast majority of cities and towns allow any general practitioner to provide them.

To prevent any unnecessary delays, please get the necessary medical form and verify with your Local Authority that any GP can conduct your medical before making a reservation.

Each city or county examination will be unique since it will be up to them to choose which questions and procedures to include. However, a blood pressure check and an eye exam are standard in every medical examination. The same criteria for meeting Group 2 Medical Standards apply to all medical examinations. Visit the website of your local authority and do a search for “Taxi Licensing” to get the required medical form and learn more about the process.


In order to complete the medical exam, a doctor may need access to your medical records from your primary care physician’s office.TFL Taxi Driver Medicals


To get a medical certificate for a taxi driver in the UK, you need to have a taxi medical exam with an approved medical examiner. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Search online for “taxi medical near me” or “TfL taxi medical near me”.
  2. Check the TfL website for a list of approved medical examiners.
  3. Contact a nearby approved medical examiner and schedule an appointment.
  4. Bring a valid photo ID and proof of address to the appointment, along with any relevant medical information.
  5. Complete the medical exam, which may include a physical examination, a questionnaire about your medical history, and any additional tests that may be required.
  6. Receive your medical certificate from the approved medical examiner.

It is important to note that not all GP surgeries or medical clinics offer taxi medical exams, so it is best to verify with the provider before scheduling an appointment. Additionally, make sure to bring all necessary documentation, such as a valid photo ID, proof of address, and any relevant medical information, to your appointment.

The frequency of taxi medical exams required for TfL drivers in London, England depends on the driver’s age and health condition.

For most drivers, a taxi medical exam is required every five years up to the age of 45, and then annually thereafter. However, if the driver has a medical condition that may affect their ability to drive, they may be required to have more frequent medical exams.

It is important for TfL drivers to maintain good health and keep up with their medical requirements, as this is a key part of ensuring public safety and maintaining the high standards of the taxi industry.

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